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Manufacturer and sale of amplifier and headset built a good reputation from overseas have royal customers in more than 50 countries best headset solutions in wireless communications.

Since Dasan Electron Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, We have built a good reputation for quality and service from overseas markets as a manufacturer of amplifier and headsets.

Our goal is to source components and expertise to ensure that we produce innovative new products at an internationally competitive price through its continuing program of market research and development.

Our high quality, competitive price, innovative products, un-limited services and prompt delivery have helped us to develop the related markets. We have shared our success with our loyal customers in more then 30 countries around the world.
Our aim of “Customer Satisfaction Management” will lead ease of telephone communication and we, all of Dasan’s dedicated staffs promise to provide you with the best headset solutions in the field of corded/cordless/wireless communication
President CEO Yong J. Lee (yongj@dasanelectron.com)
Establishment Oct. 10, 1995
Capital 2 Mil. US Dollars
Man Power Management : 30 / Production : 70
Products Headset , Headset Telphone & Telephone Amplifier
Air-traffic control headset & 911 Dispatcher
Digital microphone (wired & wireless)
On-line indicator
Various cords
Production Capacity Headset : 5,000 EA/day
Amplifier : 1,000 EA/day
Wireless : 500 EA/day
Famous brand
OEM customers
Bosch, U.S.A
- 911 Dispatcher
- RF Boards for SR50/TR300

Sennheiser, U.S.A & Germany
- 911 Dispatcher
- DA-105 Two prong plug

Starkey, U.S.A
- All Kinds of the headsets
- E-4 Telephone Amplifier
- Other kinds of headset related products
- Various kinds of the cords

Smith Corona, U.S.A
- All Kinds of the headsets
- 3 models of Amplifiers
- 2 models of Headset Telephones
- All kinds of products selling by SC
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