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Digital Amplifier DA-475UC is Launched
DW-779 Wireless Headset is Launched
DH-039T Headset is Launched
DH-026B USB Headset is Launched
DH-07T Modified Headset is Launched
"Certificate for Promising Small and Medium-sized Enterprise " certified by the Gyeonggi
Provincial Government.
DH-037B Universal USB Headset is launched.
DSU-09M USB cable is launched.
DH-036T HEADSET is launched.
Digital Wireless microphone (SM-100) is launched.
DW-775 Wireless Headset  "Good Design Mark" awarded.
DA-475U USB Digital Headset Amplifier is launched.
DH-035T HEADSET is launched.
Digital microphone is launched (SM-200)
Developed On-line Tone Generator (Lync UC)
DH-031T HEADSET is launched.
DH-029T HEADSET is launched.
DA-579BT HEADSET is launched.
DA-581BT HEADSET is launched.
DH-026T HEADSET is launched.
DA-30 Universal cable is launched.
DW-773 Wireless Headset is launched.
DW-911 Wireless Dispatcher.
DH-027T series headset is launched.
DW-770 Wireless Headset is launched.
DAX-275DSP is launched.
DAX-275IP Amplifier for Digital & IP Phone is launched.
DH-025T HEADSET is launched.
Police microphone is launched.
DA-207 Telephone is launched.
DA-579 Wireless Development.
DH-021T series Headset is launched.
Launched On-Line Indicator.
USB Adapter Headset is launched.
"Venture Design Award" certified by KIEP/YTN/ETNEWS (DAX-275+DH-017T)
DAX-275 Amplifier is launched.
DH-017T Headset is launched.
DA-375 Plug Prong Amplifier for ACD is launched.
"Certificate for Superior Technology Company" certified by Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Found.
DA-275 Multi-purpose telephone amplifier is launched.
DA-203 Caller ID Headset Telephone is launched.
Doing business with more than 100 distributors in the world.
Medal for Multi-Million-Dollar Export awarded from Kim Dae Jung/President of Korea us 37th Exprot Anniversary "Rosy Exporting Enterprise"
appointed from Seoul Regional Small & Medium Industry Center Wireless Headset type of microphone for Karaoke is launched.
DA-202 Headset Telephone is launched.
Headset for Motor-cycle/bike is launched.
"Certificate for Venture Company" certified by Office of Seoul Regional Small & Medium Industry.
"Certificate for Superior Manufacturer & Export" certified by Korea Small & Medium Industry Promotion corporation.
DA-175 Telephone amplifier and DH-09T Headset are launched.
"Good Design Mark" awarded from Korea Industrial Design Institute.
DA-201 Auxiliary Amplifier is launched.
DA-173 Amplifier and DH-07T Headset are launched
DA-172 Amplifier and DH-05U Headset are launched - Start to export products
Established and registered as "A member of Korean Trade Association"
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